Auto Chongqing

Internationale Messe für die Automobilindustrie

Internationale Messe
Chongqing, China, VR


Über die Messe
China Chongqing International Auto Industry Fair (Auto Chongqing), which started in 1998, is the earliest auto show in West China. With the base of strong automobile manufacturing capability and wide range of auto products in Chongqing, since 2004 Auto Chongqing has set up its goal to become one of the most important large-scale automobile fairs in China with the theme of "Discover the Fashion and Beauty of Automobiles".
Weitere Angaben
Ausrichtung Internationale Messe
Gründungsjahr 1998
Offen für Publikum, am 1. Tag nur Fachbesucher und Medien
Messeturnus Jährlich
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