Alger Fashion

Internationale Ausstellung für Mode und Konfektionsbekleidung

Nationale Messe
Algier, Algerien


Über die Messe
Algeria, one of the best markets of Africa with a population of 34 million people, comes into prominence with its increasing trade volume. The government has been trying to put the sector in order or alternatively providing incentives, a financial restructuring, tax and related investment in human resources in order to make the textile industry market attractive for foreign investment and partnership. The rising demand for the textile products in the Algerian market is met by suitcase trading, re-export import activities from the European Countries together with the direct import. The country as one of the most important gateways of Africa with its leading ports, is going to host the garment industry fair and bring the serious buyers and the leading companies in the sector from all over the world together.
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Ausrichtung Nationale Messe
Produktgruppen Strickwaren,Freizeitbekleidung,Lederwaren,Dessous,Accessoires,Strumpfwaren,Sportbekleidung,junge Mode
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