Ausstellung für Fischzucht

Internationale Messe
Aalborg, Dänemark


Öffnungszeiten 10.00-17.00 Uhr, am letzten Tag 10.00-16.00 Uhr

Über die Messe
For many years, Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center has worked to establish an aquaculture fair as an extension to DanFish International. Globally, aquaculture is a foodstuff segment that's growing rapidly, and Danish companies are market leaders when it comes to farming technologies, systems and facilities. Many companies have shown an interest in establishing such a trade fair and they have provided Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center with significant support in our attempts to bring together the fishing and fish farming industries such that they can benefit from each other's skills and experiences, thereby helping to further the interests of both industries.
Weitere Angaben
Ausrichtung Internationale Messe
Gründungsjahr 2011
Offen für Fachbesucher
Messeturnus Alle 2 Jahre im Rahmen von DanFish International
Messe Webseite http://www.danaqua.net