Infrastructure Africa

Ausstellung und Konferenz für Infrastukturentwicklung

Nationale Messe
Johannesburg, Südafrika


Über die Messe
Partnerships in Africa will pave the way for financing infrastructure growth and this annual conference will bring together Africa's most senior business leaders, policy makers, regulators, financers and developers to advance, debate and champion the delivery of Africa's critical infrastructure requirements, while providing expert advice on the current state of infrastructure and the anticipated impact of future development. Infrastructure Africa event comprises of a two-day high-level conference and company showcase. Side events will include a Ministerial Roundtable and Gauteng Infrastructure Project workshop.
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Ausrichtung Nationale Messe
Gründungsjahr 2014
Produktgruppen Hochbau,Straßen,Schiene,Luft,Energie,Finanzen,Wasser,ICT,Telekommunikation
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Messeturnus Jährlich
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