IoT China

Internet der Dinge - Internationale Ausstellung und Konferenz

Chengdu, China, VR


Über die Messe
Currently, the Chinese government has been the main driving force behind China's promising IoT industry. IoT is billed as one of the strategic emerging industries by the China's State Council. Many local governments have also rolled out policies to develop IoT in their respective regions. IoT China rides on the success of IoT Asia which has already won several industry accolades. The event will connect local, regional and international businesses in the IoT industry to spur the growth of Western China's IoT industry.
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Gründungsjahr 2017
Produktgruppen Big Data,Umwelt und nachhaltige Entwicklung,Gesundheitswesen,industrielles IoT (IIoT),Sensortechnik,intelligente Städte
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