Internationale Immobilienmesse

Nationale Messe
Madrid, Spanien


Über die Messe
REALTY, the most important gathering of real estate professionals in Brussels, comes to Madrid for the first time of the year. It's the place where you feel the pulse of real estate and meet up with decision makers. At REALTY, you can discover new trends and ideas, gain insights from people with new and different perspectives, check the latest projects and meet your future business partners. REALTY is a new event format for the real estate sector that combines in just two days the best conferences, networking and business area. After 5 editions successfully performed in Brussels, REALTY comes to Spain to boost the panorama for the real estate sector. An event for B2B focused on closing operations and for to be up to date of development opportunities.
Weitere Angaben
Ausrichtung Nationale Messe
Gründungsjahr 2017
Produktgruppen Wirtschaftsregionen,Städte und lokale Behörden,Verbände,Häfen,Flughäfen,Industrieanlagen und Logistik. Immobilien - Entwicklung und Beratung. Immobilienverwaltung von Firmen,Immobiliengesellschaften. Immobilien: Beratung,Investment,Finanzierung und Versicherung. Architektur,Planungs- und Ingenieurbüros. Rechtsanwaltbüros. Marktforschung. Kurse und Bildung. Medienverbände und -vereinigungen. Steuerberatung
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