SEA Brew

Fachausstellung und Konferenz für Bierbrauerei

Internationale Messe
Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt, Vietnam


Öffnungszeiten 9.30-17.00 Uhr

Über die Messe
SEA Brew is the premier beer trade event in the Southeast Asian region, an area home to more that 600 million people of which beer is the number one alcoholic beverage of choice. The conference is attended by brewers, brewery owners and distributors keen to grow their understanding of new industry processes and best practices through participation in workshops, round tables and panel discussions with industry experts. The attached Trade Fair provides the opportunity for them to meet current and prospective suppliers offering production and distribution solutions.
Weitere Angaben
Ausrichtung Internationale Messe
Gründungsjahr 2015
Produktgruppen Bier- und Ciderbrauerei,Vertrieb
Offen für Fachbesucher
Messeturnus Jährlich (bis 2016 in Singapur)
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