Inside 3D Printing

Konferenz und Ausstellung für 3D-Druck

Nationale Messe
Istanbul, Türkei


Über die Messe
INSIDE 3D PRINTING is the largest professional 3D printing and additive manufacturing event worldwide. INSIDE 3D PRINTING provides exhibitors with a schedule of trade shows and companion conferences in major cities all around the world over a calendar year. As a conference attendee, you'll explore the business applications of 3D printing through conference sessions led by industry experts, demonstrations of the latest 3D printers and services, and programming for designers, artists, and makers. Join us on our world tour and see how 3D printing is revolutionizing industries including manufacturing, jewelry, medicine, architecture, aerospace, and more.
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Ausrichtung Nationale Messe
Produktgruppen 3D-Drucker und -Scanner,IT,Druckmaterialien,Design,Software und Dienstleistungen. Mit Maker Summit & Pavilion: Einsatz von 3D-Druckern für Entwurf und Herstellung von Objekten
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