Internationale Schuhmesse

Frankfurt/Main, Deutschland


Über die Messe
In consideration of buyers just as well as exhibitors we set the dates for "Prime Time" on the last weekend of January and July. It allows our visitors to see and order the first samples of the upcoming collection. You will be first who will be able to start work with a new collection on the International Fair in the heart of Europe. The experience showed that an allocation of all exhibitors by their country of origin gives the best possible overview. Each country will get its own reception including WELCOME Catering and is further divided into the category of shoes they produce. Our new concept also contains a better integration of the media who will kindly welcome visitors by their country`s reception.
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Gründungsjahr 2018
Produktgruppen Damen- und Herrenschuhe
Offen für Fachbesucher
Messeturnus Zweimal im Jahr