Ausstellung für forstwirtschaftliche Produkte und Obst aus der Provinz Xinjiang

Guangzhou, China, VR


Über die Messe
Since 2009, State Forestry Administration has been cooperating with People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to host the annual "Xinjiang Special Forestry and Fruit Products Exhibition" in Guangzhou. The show is designed to fully display the achievement, expand the market, construct the sales platform, accelerate the industrialization, enhance the popularity and influence, and promote sustained, rapid and sound development of Xinjiang special forestry and fruit industry.
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Produktgruppen Certificated pollution-free,green and organic fresh or deep-processed Xinjiang forestry and fruit products,Xinjiang special agricultural and sideline products,animal products,Chinese medicinal herbs,flowers and plants (including processed products),forestry vegetables,lumber-processed products,wild plants and animals and their processed products
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