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Golden jubilee lacks luster

It's 50 years ago that a new era began in post-colonialization times by foundation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). At the alliance's establishment in 1967, regional unity and ec...

Double-decks for more space

more options

Anybody sitting on top can very conveniently look down, that's a self-evident truism. But the space created on the lower level of a double-deck construction with its ceiling actually gains an extra di...

Expos in the lead

Study findings on the role of B2B marketing

In the presence of increasing competitive pressure, marketing is an appropriate instrument to assure successful business operations. Many corporate boards have realized the effectiveness of that tool,...

Everything for rent

Shades of White

White as snow, brightly-lit and inviting – that's the prevailing trend in contemporary expo stand furnishment. To achieve a comfy and naturalistic effect, wooden legs have become an almost standard fe...

Industry 4.0

Total network

Smart – that's what production plants will be in the future, irrespective of the particular industry to which they provide products, experts are agreed. However, the map to that goal needs yet to be d...

After the show is before the show

Optimize your trade-fair preparations before and after the show!

Preparation is an extremely important factor in expo activities, but follow-up is probably even more important. If you want to benefit from your efforts in preparation and the work you invested at the...

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Real professionals will learn from other people’s experience. Make use of the platform’s interaction options and communicate with other exhibitors and expo visitors. Benefit from other experts‘ tips and recommendations to structure your expo participation. Upload pictures of your expo stand, thus extending your awareness range in the Internet.

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