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New features for Propak Cape

More sustainability

The Propak Cape exhibition, taking place October 24 to 26, 2017 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, will – in line with this year’s theme “Sustainability” – feature a designated Sustaina...

ICC Sydney grows exhibition business

New and returning shows welcome

International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) is making gains in the exhibition sector. ICC Sydney’s CEO, Geoff Donaghy, stated: “We have already secured 66 trade and consumer exhibitions in thi...

IFES Certified Expert Program introduced

Qualification for project managers

The International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES) is introducing a training programme aimed at expanding international project management skills. The "IFES Certified Expert" program...

Digital transformation for built environment

Building information modelling

The construction industry is experiencing a revolution and its future is closely linked to digital transformation and building information modelling (BIM). Bolognafiere is thus launching DIGITAL&B...

New location for Vegas Food Expo

Discovering new flavours

After its 2017 debut, Vegas Food Expo is changing location for its 2018 edition and will take place April 15 to 16, 2018 at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino’s 32,000 square-foot Paradise Center ...

Harvest time at Javits Center

The rooftop garden of New York’s Javits Center is the second largest in the United States and houses beehives. The homegrown honey, known as Jacob’s Honey, was extracted by a team of Javits Center eng...

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