General Terms and Conditions

The website / portal "expocheck" is operated by m+a International Tradeshow Media, Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH with legal domicile in Frankfurt am Main, hereinafter named "Deutscher Fachverlag".

The German version “AGB” shall be solely authoritative; the English version is for information only.

General Terms of Use for review platform "expocheck" is an independent portal making extensive information on trade fairs and exhibitions throughout the entire world available in German and English. The contents include fair schedules, information about organizers, fairgrounds and other details important to visitors and exhibitors. The audio, video and text information is further complemented by user reviews posted by visitors or exhibitors. Despite all due diligence and effort, we cannot warrant for the correctness of all registry files or permanent accessibility. No liability is accepted for the correctness of the information. Fair schedules, prices for admission tickets and stand fees (among other information) of the individual trade fairs and exhibitions are subject to change. No liability is accepted for damages directly or indirectly incurred in context with using this website. Also see "Disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability" below. Please be sure to carefully read these terms of use before using this website. You are bound to these terms of use if you use this website. Please be sure to periodically review these terms of use for any changes or amendments.

1. Intellectual property rights and copyrights

Deutscher Fachverlag holds and owns all intellectual property rights and copyrights to this website, all texts, images, brands, logos and other contents contained herein. All rights are reserved unless particularly stated otherwise. The Deutscher Fachverlag logo and/or dfv logo as well as the m+a logo and other brands depicted at this website are registered brands of Deutscher Fachverlag and/or other third parties or are accepted as such under ordinary law. No statements made at the website may be construed in any way as granting a license or any rights of use to the brands, neither in implied form nor by estoppel or in any other manner, without explicit written approval by Deutscher Fachverlag or the respective competent party owning the brand having first been procured.

2. Registration / scope of services

If you register for our services, you will be required to state all required personal particulars. You are at any time entitled to withdraw your registration. If you send us the completed registration form and have received our confirmation e-mail, you will have concluded a contract with Deutscher Fachverlag. Deutscher Fachverlag makes expocheck available to you at its website as a source of numerous reviews of trade fairs and exhibitions. If you choose to register at our site, you may use several services at our ratings portal, you may publicize your own reviews and post comments to other reviews. You are also authorized to download expo dossiers or to recommend trade fair and exhibition events (via e-mail or Social Media channels). As mandatory element of these services, Deutscher Fachverlag will also occasionally contact you in order to provide you with news or important information about Deutscher Fachverlag, International Tradeshow Media and expocheck or to inquire about your feedback to expocheck.

3. Using this website

Deutscher Fachverlag authorizes you to read, download and print website contents under the following conditions:

  • a) you may not alter the website contents;
  • b) all prints or any other reproductions will be marked with the addendum "© expocheck - Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH, all rights reserved";
  • c) any copyrights, brands or legal notices integrated in the site contents of expocheck may not be removed or altered;
  • d) you may not duplicate the contents of this website, make any derivative work thereof, distribute or otherwise reproduce it. Unless admissible under the aforestated stipulations, any duplication, transferal, copying, reproduction, publication, transmission or further distribution of the website contents or any parts thereof without prior written approval by Deutscher Fachverlag is strictly prohibited. To obtain such approval, you may contact Deutscher Fachverlag as follows:

Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH
m+a International Tradeshow Media
Mainzer Landstrasse 251
60326 Frankfurt am Main

You must assure that use of the website contents is in compliance with this license and is not in violation of any third-party rights and that there is no violation of contractual obligations or third-party legal obligations or any violation of any other applicable laws. You will indemnify Deutscher Fachverlag from any liability and will reimburse appropriate costs for legal defense and assertion of rights which are required due to your use of website contents in a manner inconsistent with these terms of use.

4. Disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability

Deutscher Fachverlag will not accept any liability for the appropriateness of the portal contents or parts thereof for any purpose and intent. The contents are made available "as is". Deutscher Fachverlag explicitly excludes any liability in terms of quality or suitability for a specific purpose including all implied warranties. Deutscher Fachverlag makes all effort to assure correctness of contents supplied by Deutscher Fachverlag. Nevertheless, Deutscher Fachverlag cannot extend any warranties or guarantees for completeness and correctness. The contents may be incomplete or may have mistakes and may at any time be changed or corrected by Deutscher Fachverlag. The liability of Deutscher Fachverlag is restricted to intent and gross negligence. Deutscher Fachverlag in the event of slight negligence will be liable only for violation of essential obligations. In these cases, the liability of Deutscher Fachverlag is restricted to typical and foreseeable damages. In case of statutory warranty, e.g. in accordance with the Product Liability Act or in the event of injury to life, body or health, the restrictions of liability do not apply.

The aforestated restrictions of liability apply also to all staff members, representatives and agents of Deutscher Fachverlag.

5. Links to other websites

The portal also features links to third-party websites. The linked websites are not under the control of Deutscher Fachverlag, and Deutscher Fachverlag shall therefore not be liable for the contents of the linked websites. Deutscher Fachverlag has posted these links as a courtesy. Any such link shall not imply any indication of acceptance, any sponsoring relationship or any other affiliation to the linked website. Such linked websites are operated by independent retailers or service providers. As a consequence, Deutscher Fachverlag cannot give any warranty that you will be satisfied with their products, services or manner of conducting business. Before you conduct any business on such a third-party website, you should obtain all information you might consider appropriate and necessary.

6. Using contact forms as well as rating and comment functions

With publication of contents (e.g. expo reviews, comments, images, videos, other contributions), the user warrants that he owns and holds all rights to these, in particular copyrights. He irrevocably and at no cost transfers to Deutscher Fachverlag the transferable right of use without any restrictions as to time, place and subject matter to use the contents in any form and in all media (in particular print, Internet, TV, mobile telecommunication platforms). This in particular encompasses the right to duplication, distribution and transferal as well as the right to public reproduction, the right to make available to the public, the right to broadcasting, and the right to communication by video or audio recordings. The user in particular consents to transferal of the utilization rights by Deutscher Fachverlag to third parties. The initial utilization context – expo review, expo depictions & videos – will always be maintained. If the user is himself not owner of the rights to any content he inputs, he assures that he has effectively obtained all required transferal of rights, licenses, permits, approvals, etc. In the event the user violates one or several of these warranties, he in accordance with sec. 4 shall release Deutscher Fachverlag from all and any liability towards third parties and shall hold us harmless. The user is solely responsible for all contents he makes available (e.g. reports, images, videos).

Deutscher Fachverlag is also authorized to place advertisements and/or to conduct other promotion measures in context with the publicly accessible contents and to use these for such purposes. The user explicitly consents to such.

The user agrees that his pictures and texts may be relocated to other columns for better legibility and that the pictures may be compressed. The user agrees that Deutscher Fachverlag, under due consideration of the user's moral rights, up to a certain degree may also edit or delete his other contents or may have these translated to other languages. Deutscher Fachverlag on a sample basis will process or review user contributions disseminated or forwarded via portal incl. those incorporated in contact forms, reviews or comments and shall be not responsible or liable for these user contributions. Deutscher Fachverlag reserves the right to put user contributions or site contents under quarantine at its own discretion and without prior announcement and to discontinue any further display. Below is a non-conclusive list of user contributions which are unlawful and which will not be publicized at the website.

Deutscher Fachverlag reserves the right to amend this list at any time and at its own discretion to investigate or take legal action against any party acting in violation of these regulations, in particular to remove the unlawful item from the website and/or to put it under quarantine and, where applicable, to exclude the violator from further using the website. This relates to user contributions which

  • are obviously offensive to an online community, e.g. contents in any way considered racist, intolerant, defamatory or derogatory of a physical detriment, irrespective of whether against a group or an individual;
  • are used to pretend being another person or staff member of another company without this being true;
  • are used to review a trade fair, exhibition or another event without actually having been there;
  • are used to intentionally cause harm to another person or a competitor or instigate others to do such;
  • encompass forwarding so-called junk mail, chain letters or other unsolicited mass advertisement or so-called spam;
  • are defamatory or offending;
  • contain information which you know to be false or deceptive or which refer to illegal activities or conduct or which are obscene, threatening or abusive;
  • have links to external websites;
  • encompass illegal or unauthorized copies of a work to which another person has copyrights e.g. pirated computer programs or links to these, information on how to override preinstalled copy protection or illegal music copies or links to illegal music files;
  • contain websites with restricted access or password access or which contain concealed websites or images, i.e. which cannot be linked from another generally accessible website;
  • contain instructions for illegal activities, e.g. the manufacture or purchase of illegal weapons and/or the violation of third-party personal rights and/or sending or generating computer viruses;
  • represent a form of conduct or promote a form of conduct which is a punishable offense, is subject to civil-law liability or in any other way is unlawful or violates the rights of a third party in Germany or, if applicable, in any other country all over the world; or

  • promote business activities or sales without our prior written approval having been obtained, e.g. competitions, lotteries, barter deals, advertisement and transactions based on snowball systems.

By forwarding or disseminating user contributions at this website, you authorize the public to freely use, copy and disseminate these user contributions in all media and in any form without your prior consent being required. You may not forward or disseminate information or material to which a third party has copyrights without explicit prior written consent by such third party. You will indemnify Deutscher Fachverlag against any third-party claims asserted due to any violation by you of these regulations.

7. Reviews

The following additional conditions are in effect for posting reviews:

In order to post a review, you will be required to provide personal data. That includes salutation, first name, family name, and the e-mail address. If you are using the review function in your capacity as trade visitor or exhibitor, you will also be required to name your employing company. As trade visitor or exhibitor, the reviews will be considered as "Comments in business context". The name of your company will be displayed in the reviews.

You may choose to have your review anonymized, i.e. your name will not be displayed. However, in such case you will be required to provide evidence for having attended the trade fair or exhibition. This approach helps us filter trustworthy contents for publication at the website and to act in accordance with the required quality standards. Please send such proof of attendance, e.g. a scan of the expo ticket or an excerpt from the list of exhibitors to the following e-mail address: As an alternative, you may also send such proof of attendance by regular mail to the following address:

Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH
m+a International Tradeshow Media „expocheck“
Mainzer Landstrasse 251
60326 Frankfurt am Main

Please specify the date and time of your review. This will help us to identify your contribution.

Your contribution will be released only after your proof of attendance allows us to verify that you actually attended the rated expo as visitor or exhibitor.

Also for any anonymized display of your review, we will for legal reasons inquire the aforestated standard registration data without your name being publicized.

8. Notification procedure for deleting illegal contents

Deutscher Fachverlag has implemented a "Deletion after notification" policy. If you have any concerns about or objections to material or contents including user contributions displayed at this website or if you believe that material or contents displayed at this website is in violation of your copyrights, please notify us accordingly at the following address:

Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH
m+a International Tradeshow Media „expocheck“
Mainzer Landstrasse 251
60326 Frankfurt am Main

Your contact
Mandy Schamber
Phone: +49 (0) 69 7595 1884

In addition, you have the option to directly submit a report about a contribution in each review and in each comment.

As soon as you send us such a notification, Deutscher Fachverlag will make all effort to verify the content at issue and to put it in quarantine within an appropriate period of time. Deutscher Fachverlag may contact you if we have any questions pertaining to your notification.

9. Data protection

All personal data you disclose to Deutscher Fachverlag through this website will be used exclusively in accordance with our data protection ordinance. Please follow this link to read our data protection ordinance.

10. Applicable law

Deutscher Fachverlag is competent for editorial support to the website (excluding links to third-party websites and user contributions) ; the site is operated by Deutscher Fachverlag in Frankfurt am Main. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply to these terms of use and the contract between you and Deutscher Fachverlag.

11. Modifications

Deutscher Fachverlag at its own discretion at any time may modify, amend or delete these terms of use or parts thereof. Deutscher Fachverlag will notify you about any such changes. If we decide to implement significant changes to the terms of use, we will notify you about these changes and will give you the option to maintain or cancel your registration. In the event of a breach of these terms of use or if Deutscher Fachverlag has ample cause to suspect such breach, Deutscher Fachverlag shall be authorized to exclude such user from using the website. Deutscher Fachverlag may at any time modify, interrupt or discontinue its services, in particular making available particular contents, databases or features. Deutscher Fachverlag may also define particular restrictions for services or features.

12. General

If a clause of these terms of use is invalid or unfeasible in accordance with applicable law, in particular such clause as pertains to disclaimer of warranty or limitation of liability as is stated above, the ineffective or unfeasible clause shall be replaced by an effective and feasible clause coming closest to what the parties had originally intended. The remaining clauses of these terms of use shall remain unaffected. Deutscher Fachverlag shall be authorized to transfer, delegate, and assign duties and obligations under these terms of use or to conclude subcontracts. These terms of use, our contract or the use of our website shall not be construed to constitute a company-law relationship, a partnership, an employer/employee relationship or any agency rights between you and Deutscher Fachverlag.

These terms of use are put on file by Deutscher Fachverlag; you may access these at URL These terms of use are available in German and English. The German version “AGB” shall be solely authoritative; the English version is for information only.

General Terms and Conditions for Online Advertising

1. Advertising order

1) "Advertising order", in the sense of the following General terms and Conditions, refers to the agreement to publish one or more than one advertisement or presentation in any form in information or communication services, especially the internet, for the purposes of circulation.

(2) The advertising order is exclusively subject to the General Terms and Conditions and price list of Deutscher Fachverlag which constitute an integral part of the contract. The validity of any terms and conditions on the part of the Advertiser or other space buyer are, if these do not comply to these General Terms and conditions, expressly excluded. Orders for advertising to be published in online media and other media forms are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the respective media.

2. Advertisement forms

(1) An advertising form in the sense of these General Terms and Conditions can, for example, be made up of one or more of the following elements:

  • a picture, with or without text, a series of musical notes with or without moving pictures (e.g. banners),
  • a sensitive area which, when clicked, initiates a connection to further data at an online address given by the Advertiser, for instance that of the Advertiser (i.e. a link)

(2) Advertisements which in form or appearance are not immediately recognisable as such, will be altered to make this clear.

3. Conclusion of a contract

(1) The contract attains validity through confirmation in either written form or by email, subject to the provisions of individual contrary agreements. Should this confirmation not be received, then the order is deemed confirmed by the publication of the online advertisement. Orders placed orally or by telephone are also subject to these General Terms and Conditions.

(2) In the event of doubt, orders placed by advertising agencies are a contract between Deutscher Fachverlag and the advertising agency subject to the provisions of other written agreements. Should an advertising client become the Advertiser, then Deutscher Fachverlag must be advised of the name by the advertising agency. Deutscher Fachverlag has the right to demand proof that the client is listed by the advertising agency.

(3) Advertising for goods or services from more than one advertising client or other advertiser within a particular advertisement (e.g. banners, pop-up ads) requires an extra contract either in written form or per email.

4. Settlement period

If the right to requisition individual advertisements is granted under the terms of a transaction, the order must be carried out within one year of the conclusion of the contract.

5. Extension of an order

The advertiser has the right to place more advertisements within the contractual period or within the period as stated in paragraph 4 than agreed upon if the capacities of Deutscher Fachverlag are available.

6. Delivery of data

(1) The Advertiser is obliged to provide Deutscher Fachverlag with correct advertising material, particularly with regard to the format or the technical specifications as designated by Deutscher Fachverlag in due time before the publication date. Deutscher Fachverlag will immediately request a replacement if the material is seen to be unsuitable or damaged.

(2) Should Deutscher Fachverlag store the data, without actually being obliged to do so, then this obligation will end after three months.

(3) The Advertiser shall bear the costs charged by Deutscher Fachverlag for changes to the advertising material that are either requested or justifiable.

7. Keyed advertisements

1) In the case of keyed advertisements, Deutscher Fachverlag shall take as much care in handling and punctually passing on the replies as would a responsible businessman. Registered and express letters will - without there being any obligation to do so on the part of Deutscher Fachverlag - only be forwarded by normal post. The replies to keyed advertisements will be kept for four weeks. Replies which are not collected within this period will be destroyed. Deutscher Fachverlag will return valuable documents without being obligated to do so. Deutscher Fachverlag can be granted the right in a specific contract to open incoming offers as a representative on behalf of, and in declared interests, of the Advertiser.

(2) Letters which exceed the permissible DIN A4 size (weight 50 g), as well as goods, books, catalogues and packages, will be excluded from onward transmission and will not be accepted. Incoming emails will only be forwarded if these not exceed 300 kilobyte per mail. Any acceptance or onward transmission can, however, be agreed on by way of exception if the Advertiser bears the charges/costs incurred as a result.

8. Right of refusal

(1) Deutscher Fachverlag reserves the right to refuse or block advertising orders - including individual requisitions under the terms of a transaction - if

  • their contents violate laws or official regulations or
  • if the contents are liable to be objected to by the German Advertising Council (Deutscher Werberat) in a complaints procedure or
  • if the publication thereof is unreasonable to Deutscher Fachverlag due to the content, the origin or the technical form.

(2) Deutscher Fachverlag has the right to withdraw an advertising medium already published if the Advertiser himself belatedly changes the content of the advertising medium or if the data of a link is belatedly changed whereby the conditions of paragraph 1 become applicable.

9. Guarantee of rights

(1) The Advertiser guarantees that he is in the possession of all rights necessary for the placement of an advertisement. The Advertiser holds Deutscher Fachverlag harmless within the framework of the contract from all claims by third parties which might arise through the violation of any laws. In addition Deutscher Fachverlag is released from the costs of legal defence. The Advertiser is obligated to support Deutscher Fachverlag in good faith in his defence against third parties by supplying information and documents.

(2) The Advertiser will pass all necessary copyrights for the use of the advertisements in all forms of online media, including the internet to Deutscher Fachverlag. This includes the right of use, ancillary copyright and other rights, in particular the right to duplicate, circulate, transmit, broadcast, abstract from a database and call, both with regard to time and content, to a degree necessary for the completion of the contract. The above mentioned rights are always to be given unboundedly and authorise Deutscher Fachverlag to place advertisements using all forms of technical process and all known forms of online media.

10. Publisher's guarantee

(1) Deutscher Fachverlag guarantees, within the framework of predictable demands, a best possible reproduction of the advertising medium in accordance with the technical standard normal at the time. The Advertiser accepts however, that according to the current state of technology, it does not always make economic sense to create a program that is entirely free of errors. The guarantee does not include circumstantial errors.

An error in the depiction of the advertising medium is then circumstantial if it has been caused

  • by the use of unsuitable depiction software or hardware (e.g. a browser) or
  • by a malfunction of the communications network belonging to other providers or
  • by a computer breakdown caused by a breakdown of the system
  • by so-called proxy servers (message buffers) that are either incomplete or not upto-date or
  • a breakdown of the ad server lasting no longer than 24 hours (cumulated or continuous) within a 30 day period after the begin of the contractually agreed placement period.

A breakdown of the ad server over a considerable period (more than 10 per cent of the period booked) within the framework of a booking due to run over a fixed period, will release the Advertiser from the duty of payment for the period of the breakdown. Further claims are excluded.

(2) If the reproduction quality of the advertising medium is insufficient and constitutes a considerable error, the Advertiser has the right to a reduction of payment or a perfect replacement, but only to the degree that the advertising medium was affected. If the replacement advertisement is a failure or is unreasonable, the Advertiser has the right to a reduction of payment or a withdrawal from the contract.

(3) If there are defects in the advertising medium documents that are not obvious, the Advertiser has no rights to claim if the resulting publication is insufficient. The same applies if the advertisement is placed several times and if the Advertiser does not draw the Publisher's attention to the errors before the next placement.

11. Default

If the execution of an order cannot be fulfilled for reasons for which Deutscher Fachverlag cannot be held accountable (for instance software problems or other technical reasons), in particular a breakdown of the computer system, strike, legal provisions, interference in the sphere of responsibility of third parties (e.g. other providers), network operators or service providers or for similar reasons, then the order will repeated, if this is possible. Deutscher Fachverlag is still entitled to payment for an order that is thus carried out again after the disruption has ceased, and within a time period reasonable for the Advertiser.

12. Liability

(1) Indemnity claims from positive breach of obligation, negligence in contracting and tort are only applicable by premeditation and gross negligence on the part of Deutscher Fachverlag, its representatives or vicarious agents. This does not apply to claims for warranted quality, or to injury of life, body or health or the breach of considerable contractual obligations; in this case the liability is restricted to the replacement of the foreseeable loss. Indemnity claims from impossibility of performance and default by ordinary negligence are restricted to the replacement of the foreseeable loss.

(2) In the case of gross negligence on the part of its minor vicarious agents the liability towards companies is restricted to the extent of the foreseeable damage. This does not apply to a breach of integral contractual obligations.

13. Rate card

(1) The rates of the advertisements are based on Deutscher Fachverlag's advertising rate card published on the internet and in effect at the time the contract is concluded. Should the advertising rate change after the conclusion of the contract, Deutscher Fachverlag is entitled to charge the price according to the price list valid at the time of the publication: this does not apply to business dealings with non-traders, insofar as no more than 4 months have elapsed between the conclusion of the agreement and the publication date of the advertisement.

(2) Discounts are granted according to the rate card valid at the time. Advertising agencies and other Advertisers are obligated to use the various Publishers' rate cards for their quotations, contracts and invoices. Discount credit notes and supplementary discount charges shall principally not take into consideration until the end of the insertion year.

14. Price reductions

(1) If an order should not be carried out owing to circumstances for which Deutscher Fachverlag is not responsible, then the advertiser must reimburse Deutscher Fachverlag for the difference between the discount granted and that corresponding to the actual sales, regardless of any further legal obligations.

(2) The advertiser has the retroactive right, if no other agreement has been made, to a discount relevant to the actual number of advertisements placed within a year, if a contract has been concluded based on the rate card which explicitly allows discounts.

The claim to a discount expires if it is not asserted within three months after the end of the contractual year in question.

15. Default of payment

1) In the event of default or delay in payment, Deutscher Fachverlag shall charge interest and debt collection charges. Deutscher Fachverlag may postpone the further execution of the current order until payment and request advance payment for the remaining advertisements.

(2) If there is reasonable doubt regarding the Advertiser's ability to pay, Deutscher Fachverlag is entitled, even during the term of the contract, to make the publication of further advertisements dependent upon advance payment of the amount charged and settlement of unpaid bills, regardless of previously agreed terms of payment.

16. Cancellation

Cancellations of advertisement orders can only be accepted in written form or by email.

17. Placement confirmation

Placement confirmations are only conditionally valid and may be changed for technical reasons. In such cases, Deutscher Fachverlag may not be made liable.

18. Data protection

The advertisement order will be carried out according to the currently applicable laws of data protection.

19. Place of fulfilment/Court of jurisdiction

The advertising order is subject to German law. The place of fulfilment is the principle place of business of Deutscher Fachverlag, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The place of jurisdiction for legal proceedings involving business transactions with merchants, bodies corporate, or special assets is the principal place of business of Deutscher Fachverlag, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Insofar as claims of Deutscher Fachverlag are not put forward by collection procedure, the place of jurisdiction for non-traders shall be determined according to their place of residence. German law applies.