Japan International Welding Show

Osaka, Japan

General Overview

About the expo
As already well known, Japan International Welding Show has been every other year in Tokyo and Osaka corresponding with the industrial needs of each time. So far it has played an important role to take the initiative of innovation based on adamant requests from various industries. It is now globally accepted as the most exciting and hottest exposition to collectively showcase the cutting-edge product technologies and services from welding and cutting to laser processing, micro joining, powder process, surfacing, NDT and CAD/CAM/CIM's.
More Facts
Show type Not Specified
First year of expo 1969
Products / Sectors Arc welding,Resistance welding,Other types of welding,Laser processing,Micro processing,Steel fabrication,Non-destructive inspection,Surface modification,Heat treatment,Cutting,Mechanical processing,Jig,Safety,Hygiene,And environmental,Assisting device,Factory facility
Open to Trade visitors and public
Frequency Biennial, in alternation with Tokyo
Expo Website http://www.weldingshow.jp/
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