Pars Plast / Pars Paint

International Exhibition of Plastic, Polymer and Machinery / International Exhibition of Paints and Resins, Industrial Coatings, Adhesives, Chemicals and Composites

Mashhad, Iran

General Overview

Opening hours 3pm - 9pm

About the expo
Opening ceremony attended by senior officials of Plastics, Polymer and Petrochemical industry. Trade delegations from Iraq, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Forum sessions during exhibition days. Inviting experts and managers in field of Plastics, Polymer and Petrochemical industry.
More Facts
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First year of expo 2007
Products / Sectors Pars plast: raw materials, machinery and equipment, manufactured and semi-manufactured products, technical and engineering services, polymer composites. machinery and equipment,Pars paint: surface coatings, paints, resins of chemicals and raw materials, user-friendly paints and coatings (building, industrial, vehicle, marine, craft, industrial flooring, pipes and insulation levels), composites, coatings and composite materials, composite parts, equipment and machinery, laboratory equipment, paint and chemical industries, packaging and related packaging, safety equipment and recycling, nano-coatings and coating processes, new types of industrial adhesives and general engineering consulting, research centers and professional associations, powder paints, coatings patination, water-based paints, galvanized, heat, corrosion
Open to Trade visitors and public
Frequency Annual
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