Art Prague

International Contemporary Art Fair

National trade fair
Prague, Czech Republic

General Overview

Opening hours 10am - 7pm, Thu. until 9pm

About the expo
During its existence, ART PRAGUE has become a sought-after annual event for all lovers of visual arts: collectors, theorists, artists, students, entrepreneurs, international visitors of Prague as well as the general public that is still getting familiar with the contemporary trends primarily in the field of painting and sculpture. The galleries have a chance of an immediate confrontation while the visitors have an opportunity to view several hundreds, or even thousands of artworks within a short period of time. The Prague fair thus ranks among international events of a similar scope, such as Art Paris, Arténimes or the exhibitions in Strasbourg and Vienna.
More Facts
Show type National trade fair
First year of expo 2002
Products / Sectors Paintings,Sculptures,Video
Open to The public
Frequency Annual
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