Exploiting synergies and enjoying the atmosphere. The LOUNGES presents itself as a community meeting place in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere far removed from the usual hectic rush to be found at exhibitions and the ensuing 'higher-faster-further mentality'. The categorical focus is on communication. This is expressed by the generously planned hall layout, the many theme bars, a large restaurant area with free catering and the evening events.


Annual, 2018 in Karlsruhe

Type of event
national trade fair
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Trade visitors
Products & Sectors
The clean environment: cleanroom, Clothing and consumables, Hygiene and cleaning, Water and ultra-pure media, Materials and surfaces. pharma: manufacturing and processing, Packaging and logistics, Analytics and quality assurance, Guidelines and regulations
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Opening hours

8.15am - 6pm, last day 8.15am - 4pm

All exhibitors at a glance

All exhibitors at a glance