International Exhibition on Water Treatment Chemicals, Technologies and Applications

International trade fair
Shanghai, China, PR

General Overview

About the expo
WATER CHEM+TECH is not only a platform for the companies to have product promotion,technical exchange, foreign cooperation, trade negotiations but also a direction indicator and a barometer for companies in water treatment industry.
More Facts
Show type International trade fair
First year of expo 2005
Products / Sectors Flocculant used in sludge dewatering including two types – emulsion and dry powder,Scale and corrosion inhibitor,Polycarboxylic acid,Inorganic phosphorus - sodium hexametaphoshpate,Sodium tripolyphosphate,Bta,Tta,New copper corrosion inhibitor,Boiler water treatment chemicals,Cooling water treatment chemicals,Membrane treatment chemicals,Water treatment chemicals and sewage treatment chemicals,Reverse osmosis chemicals. organic chloride - sodium dichloro cyanurate,Trichloroisocyanuric acid,Cyanuric acid,Organic bromine,Isothiazolinone,Glutaraldehyde,Quaternary alkylphosphonium salt,Inorganic chloride,Amine
Open to Trade visitors
Frequency Annual, with PAPERCHEM+TECH
Expo Website http://en.clean-water-china.com/
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