International Expo for Poultry & Livestock

Kampala, Uganda

General Overview

Opening hours 9am - 5pm

About the expo
Specialized Poultry and livestock expo will not only give boost up among farmers and distributors but also fulfill the vary cause of exhibitors to outreach maximum number of visitors showcase innovative products/technologies in given time.
More Facts
Show type Not Specified
First year of expo 2008
Products / Sectors Poultry-breeders,Layer,Broilers,Integrators,Animal health care - drugs,Vaccines,Disinfectants,Equipment disinfection - herbals,Feed additives and nutritional supplement for animals,Laboratories pharmaceutical and veterinary biological,Veterinary equipment,Bulk drug intermediates,Pharmaceutical formulations,Vitamins feed manufacturing,Equipment manufacturing,Feed for the factory and farm milking equipment - milking rooms,Cold,Tanks - genetics -heifers,Bulls - artificial insemination,Embryo transfer
Open to Trade visitors
Frequency Twice a year, rotating location within Africa
Expo Website http://www.avianaafrica.com
Expo Statistics