International Exhibition on Paper, Paper Chemicals and Paper Machinery

International trade fair
Shanghai, China, PR

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As one of the most specialized exhibitions, the annual China International Exhibition on Paper-making Chemicals which is co-sponsored by the China Paper Chemical Industry Association, is becoming a key event for entering China paper market.
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Show type International trade fair
Products / Sectors Modified starch: cationic starch,Oxidized starch,Crosslinked starch,Starch phosphateesters,Hydroxyalkyl starch,Hydroxymethyl starch,Acetate starch,Graft copolymers of starch,Modified zwitterion starch,Multiple-modified starch,Starch derivatives. water soluble polymers,Functional chemicals - reinforcing agents,Brighteners,Special dye,Flame retardants,Water and oil proofing agents,Softeners,Surface treatment agents,Printability improving agents,Water-repellent agents. sizing agent exhibits,Rosin-based sizing agents,Synthetic sizing agents,Various paper surface sizing agents,Process chemicals
Open to Trade visitors and public
Frequency Annual, with WATER CHEM+TECH
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