International Trade Exhibition for Motorcycles, ATVs, Watercrafts & Accessories

National trade fair
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

General Overview

Opening hours 4pm - 9.30pm

About the expo
With the recent figures showing that the Saudi population will surpass 50 million by 2030, the number of youth is expected to increase drastically, and so will their need for an innovative lifestyle full of excitement. For that reason, Saudi Power Sports offers the latest technology that goes beyond the streets and into the wild, with the biggest collection of quad bikes, ATVs, jet skis, motorcycles and other sport vehicles. Saudi Power Sports is dedicated to the young Saudi society, reaching out to the largest segment of the 28 million people living in Saudi Arabia, where almost 50% of them are aged between 15 and 40.
More Facts
Show type National trade fair
First year of expo 2016
Products / Sectors Motorcycles,Quad bikes & jet skis,Designers,Finance & insurance companies,Specialized publishers & media,Accessories,Spare parts,Special care,Motorcycle gear,Safety gear,Motorcycling lessons,Oils & chemicals,Services,Maintenance equipment,Unions & organizations,High-performance equipment,Custom-made motorcycles
Open to The public
Frequency Annual, with RIYADH MOTOR SHOW
Expo Statistics