The organic movement in Europe is growing in strength. We believe that following the movement is not only a question of fashion, but a must for all people who think in the long run. Organic products are becoming more and more popular in the world thus increasing the demand and triggering the development of organic farming. With that in mind, we have decided to face the needs of both producers and business customers - we have created a new B2B solution - the Contracting Platform for the Organic Industry. BIOcontracting platform will accompany the Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair (TSW) that will take place in Warsaw Expo. The previous edition of the event attracted nearly 10,000 visitors and among them: fruit and vegetable producers, representatives of groups of producers, employees of companies from the gardening sector, researchers, officials and gardening school students.




Ptak Warsaw Expo, Nadarzyn

Al. Katowicka 62
05-830 Nadarzyn

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Not specified
Debut event
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The public
Industry branches
Health, Whole Food, Food, Beverages
Products & Sectors
Organic and eco-friendly foods (bio vegetables, bio fruit, bio foodstuffs), Certification companies, Eco-friendly health products, Organic cosmetics and perfumes, Eco-friendly home products, Eco-friendly products for children, Eco-friendly furniture and accessories, Bio products for animals, Trade magazines, Logistics (storage, transport), Design of graphics and packaging of bioproducts, Marketing and consulting for organic farms, Eco-friendly packaging (production - recycling)

Ptak Warsaw Expo

Al. Katowicka 62 , 05-830 Nadarzyn

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Agnieszka Cieslik

(Ptak Warsaw Expo)

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9am - 5pm

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