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Gandhinagar, India

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Over the last decade, India has thus emerged as one of the most promising markets for elevators. Owing to space constraints in the bigger cities, high-rise buildings have become the need of the hour. Vertical growth of most cities has put the elevator market in India on a high growth trajectory. Noticeable trends in the elevator industry are the increasing share of high speed as well as MRL elevators, shift to gearless drives and the increasing emphasis on enhanced safety features and reduction in energy consumption.
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Products / Sectors Passenger lifts,Freight elevators,Service elevators,Hospital elevators,Small store lifts,Attached lifts,Home and apartment elevators,Garage and parking elevators,Elevators and lifts for invalids,Elevators without machine room,Panoramic elevators,Elevators and platforms with hydraulic drive,Ships lifts,Sidewalk lifts,Mine hoists,Lift platforms and walkways,Turnkey elevator plants and parts,Hydraulic systems and components
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