International Exhibition of Interior Design, Decoration and Textile

National trade fair
Nursultan, Kazakhstan

General Overview

About the expo
ASTANA INTERIOR DESIGN means three days of the events that will bring together designers, architects, producers, businessmen and other players of the creative sector from the whole globe. Here you will meet the interior design professionals who will describe and show all the best trends of the year. At ASTANA INTERIOR DESIGN you will learn the latest news in the world of design. ASTANA INTERIOR DESIGN is the event you cannot miss!
More Facts
Show type National trade fair
Products / Sectors Floor design: rocks,Ceramics,Parquet,Laminate,Wood,Mosaic,New materials. furniture design: residential and office furniture,Kitchens,In-built furniture,Eco-furniture,Horeca. décor and textile: interior textile,Apparel for windows,Décor elements,Paintings,Fireplaces. interior lights: lamps,Floor lamps,Illumination devices,Interesting solutions in illumination for residential area,Light based zoning,Led devices,Smart technologies. bathroom design: bathroom ceramics,Wall and floor coatings,Bathroom furniture,Accessories and auxiliary components. new interior technologies: newest technologies,Software,3d-printers,Robotic engineering. design studios and education
Open to The public
Frequency Annual
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