BOA - The Best of Anime

Anime, Manga, Comics and Japanese Culture Exhibition

National trade fair
Manila, Philippines

General Overview

Opening hours 10am - 8pm

About the expo
It has undeniably become a haven of fans and enthusiasts for the past six momentous years. "The Best of Anime" showcases and offers an impressive roster of talents, cosplayers, activities, and much more. Highly-anticipated activities during the Event include the different competitions held namely the All-Star Cosplay Competition, Inter-School Cosplay Competition Championship, the Best of Anime Superstar Karaoke Competition, and the Battle of the Bands. The Convention also holds various demos and workshops like Voice-Dubbing Workshop, Cosplay Makeup Workshop, and Kendo Demo, among others.
More Facts
Show type National trade fair
First year of expo 2009
Products / Sectors Anime & manga merchandise,Guest cosplayers',Artists' souvenir items,Books,Magazines,Comics,Computer training,Schools,Game developers,Electronic gadgets,Cosplay costumes & accessories,Japanese fashion & accessories,Photographic supplies & service
Open to The public
Frequency Annual
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