Denims and Jeans Show

National trade fair
Bengaluru, India

General Overview

About the expo
The idea behind this show was to provide a platform to the denim industry in this region where the entire supply chain players from mills, fiber and chemical suppliers, garment manufacturers, retailers, buying houses, brands etc could get together and help in the further development of the denim industry here. We are bringing serious players in the entire supply chain together so that serious business can be conducted in a denimish ambience. Denim Playground - Our driving theme for this show would be the playful, the athletic, the sporty nature of denim. Following the athleisure trend, there is an increasing focus to create denim which is soft, comfortable, strong and stretchy. Our exhibitors create products which bring various products to cater to buyer requirements for this trend.
More Facts
Show type National trade fair
First year of expo 2017
Open to Trade visitors by invitation
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