Trade Exhibition for the Sugar Processing Industry

International trade fair
Trujillo, Peru

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Opening hours 10am - 5pm

About the expo
SUGAREX Peru is the only specialized Sugar exhibition in Peru that brings together an international congregation of both upstream and downstream sugar companies and also its supporting industries gathered in the heart of the sugar industry of Trujillo, Peru, to showcase the latest developments in the sugar industry. Peru is a potential and viable market for sugar technology companies as the industry is currently honing new sugar technologies and equipment to help spur its production further!
More Facts
Show type International trade fair
First year of expo 2017
Products / Sectors Machinery,Spares,Processing,Hydraulic and pneumatic,Environment management and effluent treatment,Cogeneration,Boilers,Turbines,Material handling,Storage,Gear boxes,Pipes,Pumps,Valves,Conveyers and conveying systems,Harvesters for cane and beet,Fertilizers and pesticides,Chemicals,Distillation and fermentation,Ethanol manufacturing,Farming technology and irrigation. sugar processing and refining,Water treatment,Lubricants and greases,Finished goods for packing like bags,Bottles and tankers. services and maintenance,Software and hardware,Security devices,Quality control. raw,Finished and refined sugar. associations and institutes. with ethanol peru
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