Exhibition and Conference for Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Renewable Energy

National trade fair
Sydney, Australia

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Opening hours 10am - 6pm

About the expo
POWER AUSTRALIA - FIRST, FOCUSED, FUTURE. Our industry today is facing the challenge of integrating renewable energy into the system in a stable way whilst managing manage intermittency on a fragile grid. The solutions lie in strategies that allow for stability and security while Australia moves to a mix of technologies that include solar, wind, hydro, gas and even coal. The current system was designed for a world less complex than today, but the parameters have changed and new strategic approaches and technologies are urgently required. Power Australia is the must attend event for power industry executives to collaborate in efforts to create a holistic approach and framework for meeting the challenges in today’s market.
More Facts
Show type National trade fair
First year of expo 2018
Products / Sectors Equipment,Technology and it solutions and innovation across all segments of the electric power industry: power generation,Renewable energy,Solar power,Wwind power,Hydro power,Energy storage,Transmission and distribution / network company,Off-grid generation,Micro grid,Distributed generation
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Expo Website http://power-australia.com.au/
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