RT Imaging Summit & Expo EMEA

Cairo, Egypt

General Overview

Opening hours 11am - 8pm

About the expo
RT Imaging Summit & Expo-EMEA is organized to help non-African companies to know more about the EMEAmarkets, and to assist those companies gain a profile and find new business opportunities in the region. The show is provided to the exhibitors already in, or wanting to enter the print consumables market, to network, exchange and find solutions. Also, attendees could acquire information from experts on latest technology, market, channel, legal aspects regarding EMEA markets to facilitate their entering these markets through the summit and expo.
More Facts
Show type Not Specified
First year of expo 2015
Products / Sectors Ribbons,Inkjet cartridges,Toner cartridges,Components including inks,Toners,Chips,Opc,Magnetic rollers,Doctor blades,Production and testing equipment,Inkjet papers,Copier papers,Thermal transfer papers and other specialty papers,Printer and copier parts,Components and services like technology,Information,Software,It systems,Training,And media related to printer consumables industry
Open to Trade visitors
Frequency Annual
Expo Website https://www.rtmworld.com/2d/events/rtise-emea-2018/
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