International Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness and Health

International trade fair
Orlando, USA

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The dreaded plateau. It's the fear of every fitness enthusiast - and business owner. That's where FIBO USA comes in. There's nothing standard about it-it's an interactive atmosphere that attracts the businesses and enthusiasts who are most likely to become passionate brand ambassadors when they find the products, services and concepts they love. Through the show's immersive nature, people get to experience your product, understand its benefits and see it in action. Join us to get connected with thousands of professionals in a hot fitness market and prepare for business that's off the charts.
More Facts
Show type International trade fair
First year of expo 2018
Products / Sectors Interior,Functional training,Cardio&strength,Ems&vibration,Wearables,Accessories,New business,Consulting,Education,Nutrition,Group fitness,Fighting fit,Fashion,Power,Physio,Wellness&beauty
Open to Trade visitors
Frequency Annual, 2019 in Miami Beach, Fl
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