GreenTech in Shipping
Global Forum and Exhibition

Hamburg, Germany

General Overview

Location Radisson BLU Hotel
Marseiller Str. 2,
20355 Hamburg,

About the expo
The mindset of sustainability and efficiency is the key to unlocking successful business formula in the maritime industry. Upcoming years will bring the time to meet new regulations and the question is whether the industry is there yet. Has enough been done to create a sustainable shipping market? Which latest green technologies can contribute best to achieving the determined goals? Which fuels should the sector turn to, in order to drive the most effective economic and environmental outcome? There are numerous issues that call for decisions and collaborative thinking, therefore, events like GreenTech in Shipping contribute to the sector by providing an opportunity for all stakeholders to meet and discuss industry outlook, look for ways to cooperate and find solutions to most urgent issues as well as exchange good practices.
More Facts
First year of expo 2019
Branches Shipping, Shipbuilding, Port Equipment, Environmental Protection
Products / Sectors Maritime
Open to Trade visitors
Frequency Annual
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GreenTech in Shipping
Marseiller Str. 2